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Dear Clinton Middle School Parents:

It is with much excitement that I welcome you and your child to the 2014-2015 academic school year at Clinton Middle School.  I hope you are all enjoying a restful summer with family and friends.  As we begin this school year, I look forward to getting to know you, your child and other community members as we continue to follow district and school-wide initiatives. This can begin immediately by your child attending school regularly. By making regular school attendance a priority, you are helping your child learn to accept responsibility. Furthermore, students who miss school miss out on carefully planned sequences of instruction, active learning experiences and class participation.  The teachers and administration at CMS look forward to seeing your child each and every day!

With the students’ best interest in mind, it has been decided that all students will be required to purchase and wear P.E. uniforms.  The cost of the P.E. uniforms ($10) has been rolled into a one-time activity fee payment of $20 that will cover both the uniforms and the cost of the elective classes (approximately $3 to $4 per course) including STEM, FACS, Art, and Band.  The P.E. uniforms aim to provide a sense of school pride and unity among students.  Furthermore, the uniforms will eliminate any questions about the type of clothing that is in compliance with the school dress code.  

In regards to our Fall athletic programs, football and volleyball for 8th graders and cross country for 7th and 8th graders will begin practicing the first full week of school—please watch our school website for information from the coaches regarding practice times.  In order to participate, students must have a completed physical form; these forms are available online and in the office at CMS.

In closing, we at Clinton Middle School remain dedicated to inspiring students to be flexible and adaptive life-long learners, equipping them to succeed.  We welcome your active participation in your child’s education, and we urge you to be proactive in communicating with our administration, counselors, and teachers, and as time allows, to volunteer to in our various programs and events.  By working together, we will ensure success for your child.


Dr. Ashlee Holmes